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Consent To Electronic Delivery

1. Introduction

Netshares (“we”, “us”, “our”) has a voluntary program for the delivery of documents through the Netshares Platform by electronic means rather than traditional mailing of a paper copy. The program offers increased convenience, benefits to our environment and reduced costs for the Netshares. You agree to monitor the Platform on a regular basis in order to ensure timely receipt of documents. You understand that we maintain personal information that you provide in confidence and use it only for the purpose of communication. You understand that you are not required to consent to the electronic delivery of documents.

2. Acceptance

2.1.1 By acceptance of these Terms, you consent and agree to transact business through the Platform and electronically and to receive electronically, either via the Platform or at the email address that you have registered on the Platform, all documents, communications, notices, periodic reports (not less frequently than quarterly), contracts, and agreements arising from or relating in any way to your or our rights, obligations or services under this Agreement (each, a “Disclosure”). The foregoing consent to transact business online and electronically applies to any transactions to which Disclosures relate.

3. Notices

All notices, requests, demands, required Disclosures, and other communications from Netshares to you will either be transmitted to you by email to the email address you have registered on the Platform or will be posted on the Platform, and shall be deemed to have been duly given and effective upon such transmission or posting, as applicable. If your registered email address, residence address or telephone number changes, you must immediately update such information on the Platform. You shall send all notices or other communications required or permitted to be given hereunder to Netshares via email to:

4. Seeker Tax Statements

You further consent and agree to receive electronically all future tax informational returns and forms from the Seekers (the “Tax Statements”) unless you notify us that you do not consent to electronic delivery or if you withdraw your consent at a later time. Netshares does not provide Tax Statements (either directly or indirectly) to you electronically if you (a) provide a notice that you do not consent to electronic delivery, (b) provide a notice to withdraw consent to electronic delivery, (c) cease to be a user, or (d) if regulations change to prohibit the form of delivery. If you do not consent to, or if you would like to withdraw your consent to, electronic delivery of Tax Statements from Netshares, you may do so by placing a request to or calling us on: (800) 216-0360.

In the event that you do not consent to or if you withdraw your consent to electronic delivery of Tax Statements, we will mail you paper copies of the applicable Tax Statements at the address associated with your Account. A tax document provides important information you need to complete your tax returns. Much of the information we provide in tax documents is also reported to the IRS. This includes any corrected documents and accompanying notices. When your tax documents are ready, we will send an email notification containing a web link to the document available after you log in.

5. Changes to Personal Data

You agree to keep a working email address and other current contact information and will update your account information immediately if your email address or other contact information changes. If you do not maintain an email address that is working and accessible to us, or if for any other reason we believe that providing notice via your email address is not sufficient to provide for delivery of required documents, and we believe we are required to provide your paper notice or documents of particular matters or actions, and we do so, we may charge you an additional fee of not more than $5.00 per each such delivery. You acknowledge that you also may be charged other fees associated with providing our online service when additional, different, or non-standard efforts are required with respect to your Account, such as the generation of notices to you stating that your email address is “bouncing”. If your email address or other contact information changes at any time, you must update your Account information accordingly. If we send you a paper reminder of the need to have an email address that is working and accessible to us, we may charge a reasonable fee for each reminder.

6. Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements

Before you decide to transact business with us online and electronically, you should consider whether you have the required hardware and software capabilities described below. In order to access and retain Disclosures and Tax Statements electronically, you must satisfy the following computer hardware and software requirements: (a) access to the internet; (b) an email account and related software capable of receiving email through the internet; (c) a web browser which is SSL-compliant and supports secure sessions; and (d) hardware capable of running this Platform and associated software. You hereby represent and warrant to us that you can electronically access, receive, and retain all Disclosures and Tax Statements sent via email or posted on the Platform.

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